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under the strain of this wind, as it screeched
through the poles at the top of the teepee and
caused us to shake with fright. It was a startling
climax. A chaotic medley of noise would come
down to us from above—from the round opening
at the top of the lodge where the teepee poles
jutted out into the night air. Strange voices
shrieking in weird pandemonium above the wail-
ing of the winds; the clanking and jingling of
unknown objects, and then a sudden jerk of the
entire lodge, a flicker of the flames, a terrifying
yell from the medicine-man, and then------

He would disappear right in front of our eyes.
But in the same instant we would hear him yelling
for help. And looking up in the direction of his
voice, we would see him hanging precariously by
one foot at the top of the lodge, stripped as
naked as the day he was born. The only thing
that held him from falling and breaking his neck
was his foot, which seemed to be caught in
between the skin covering of the teepee and one
of the slanting poles which supported it.

^Kokenaytukishpewow!—Hurry!5 he would yell

And the men would rush for long poles with
which to remove him from his dangerous, dang-
ling perch at the roof of the lodge, lest he should
fall and break his neck*

How he got there, no one knows; but he said